Traffic & Pedestrian Safety 

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee (TPSC)

The Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee (TPSC) performs research for and makes recommendations to the Safety Advisory Committee (SAC) on the development and implementation of traffic and pedestrian safety policy, guidelines, codes, and regulatory interpretations. The Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee is one of the SAC expert sub-committees. 

Driver Safety

Driving at the Lab is a privilege and you are responsible for driving safely in accordance with the law. Click the tab below to learn more on driver safety.

Bicycle Safety

Cycling is a great way to commute to the Lab, to be outdoors, get exercise, and enjoy the weather. Click the tab below for tips to help keep you safe while riding your bike.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians along with drivers have a responsibility to demonstrate safe behaviors when walking/running at the Lab to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. Click the tab to learn more.

To report a traffic and pedestrian safety concern, please complete a Safety Concerns request or contact the Zone  Representative

To report vehicle related concerns (i.e., hazardous driving, parking related concerns such as blocking a walkway, use of non-conventional vehicles,  etc.) – contact  Security & Emergency Services at (510) 486-6999 

For topics you would like to bring up to the Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Subcommittee, please contact Blair Edwards ( and Jonathan Cabrera (